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Music Feature: The Get Right Band

The Get Right Band: Itchy Soul

Itchy Soul

On May 23, look for The Get Right Band’s new album Itchy Soul, the fifth release from this Asheville-based “psychedelic indie rock power trio,” as bassist/singer Jesse Gentry describes them. Silas Durocher sings, writes songs and plays guitar for the band and Jian-Claude Mears plays drums. “This album really represents where we’re at musically right now,” Durocher says, “which is somehow both more pop than our other albums and weirder than our other albums. That seemed to be the direction our muses were leading us so we just decided to fully embrace it.”

Gentry and Durocher have been friends for more than 20 years, and after the initial formation of the band, they met and recruited Mears, who moved to Asheville nine years ago. The title track for the new album, Mears says, is a telling example of where the band is in its current evolution. “I think, with the enormous amount of civil unrest, both in this country and abroad, the title of the album is well-suited for the times,” he says.

“We’re a very song-oriented band so there’s something for everyone who simply enjoys good songs,” Gentry says of Itchy Soul. “I think our music is for grown-up people—whether they’re adults or kids,” Durocher says. “By which, I mean people who are really seeing the world for what it is—all the beauty, the chaos, the pain—and who want music that reflects that; people who want something unique, not something that’s chasing the most recent fads or sounds like some band you already love.”

Like bands everywhere, The Get Right Band is dealing with COVID-19’s impacts, including restrictions on gatherings, but they’re making the best of a bad situation. “To stay productive and creative and engaged with our fans,” Durocher says, “we released a social distancing song and music video, we did a live stream and we made a playlist of Asheville bands. We’ve got plans for some other things, but, of course, none of these things really bring in much money. The shows are what pay our bills so, without those, it’s a tough situation for any musician.”

An Asheville Album Release Party is planned for May 23 at Salvage Station if social distancing restrictions have been lifted at that time. Check the band’s website for updates. Itchy Soul releases on all platforms on May 23. To purchase or pre-order, or to find out the latest on events, visit or Facebook.

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