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Magnetic Theatre: In the Assassin’s Garden


David Brendan Hopes, playwright

In the Assassin’s Garden, a new play by David Brendan Hopes, will be performed at The Magnetic Theatre from Friday, June 14, through Sunday, June 30. Set at the turn of the 20th century, In the Assassin’s Garden explores the state of America in the wake of President William McKinley’s assassination. “Researching McKinley, I discovered that his assassination came amid an international flurry of assassinations and attempted assassinations around the end of the 19th century,” says Hopes. “There was also a level of gruesome high spirits which one doesn’t ordinarily associate with acts so violent, but which looks sensational on stage.” This will be the fourth production at Magnetic Theatre for Hopes, whose prize-winning plays have been produced in New York, Los Angeles, London and Atlanta.

Andrew Gall will direct the play. Gall is joint artistic director of The Magnetic Theatre with Katie Jones, who will be acting in the performance along with Eugene Jones, Adam Olson, Will Storrs, Jason Williams and Mike Yow. “In the Assassin’s Garden manages to delve into a powerful moment of historical change that resonates with our contemporary frustrations,” says Gall. “I think the audience will enjoy being immersed in a historical moment through a fascinating, clever and highly imaginative lens.”

The Magnetic Theatre is located at 375 Depot Street in Asheville. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit TheMagneticTheatre.com.

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