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Bloom WNC Grows Beautiful in Black Mountain

Bucket of Bloom WNC flowers. Photo courtesy of Bloom WNC. Left, Abigail Helberg Moffitt. Bloom WNC

By Jessica Klarp

Drive down Black Mountain’s undulating North Fork Road and beyond the horses and cattle, the camps and retreat centers, you will find a sweeping view of flowers. Raised beds full of early blooming varieties like tulips that give way to late blooming beauties like dahlias.

This lush bottomland is now home to Bloom WNC, a three-acre flower farm owned by Abigail Helberg Moffitt, who has built her backyard business into a thriving operation supplying sustainably grown specialty cut flowers to florists, monthly subscription shareholders and brides-to-be throughout the region. Unassuming and humble, her personality is perfectly suited to outdoor work while her quick mind feeds her entrepreneurial spirit.

Abigail was raised with a big garden that supplied produce and flowers for the family’s French restaurant outside of Portland, OR. “Putting the flower arrangements together for the tables was one of my favorite jobs,” she says, “especially with my mother’s prized dinner plate dahlia.”

Bucket of Bloom WNC flowers. Photo courtesy of Bloom WNC. Left, Abigail Helberg Moffitt. Bloom WNC

With a master’s degree in science, she taught biology and environmental science for ten years. Once in Black Mountain, she focused on raising two small children, but became restless staying home. In 2015, her partner gave her an outlet for connection that proved to be prophetic. “He built a small farm stand that we put in the front yard and I started selling little bouquets,” she says. “It was fun and helped me keep my sanity.”

Eventually, flower beds occupied the entire backyard and, by 2018, Bloom WNC had become a full-time business. As monthly shares increased, her focus on supplying florists and the wedding industry grew as well. “We started looking for more land, but it was not affordable or easy to come by in Black Mountain,” Abigail says.

In March 2020, she closed on a property on well-traveled North Fork Road and production shifted from backyard to farm. We all know what happened that month. People were sheltering in place and the wedding business shrank, but did not disappear. The interest in Bloom WNC broadened each month throughout the growing season. Coming to the farm stand to pick up their flowers every week offered clients a reprieve from isolation.

“While a vase of farm fresh flowers may not seem like much,” Abigail says, “so many clients said it made their week to come to the flower farm and take some beauty home.”

Due to the pandemic, she was able to pivot in a way that was a better fit for managing her property and her business. Besides cut flowers, Bloom WNC offers seasonal workshops, farm tours, socially distanced events and safe, customized outdoor gatherings.

For weddings, in addition to a select few full-service clients, she offers more à la carte, elopement and DIY floral wedding packages that suit smaller gatherings and can be picked up at the site. Streamlined, contact free, and—with enough lead time—fully customizable, these options are affordable and engage the client in a new and rewarding way.

“It’s meaningful for the couples to see where the flowers were grown,” she says, “and I get to stay in my happy place (the farm) and design to my heart’s content.” Additionally, staying on the farm leaves her free to expand and plan for the future while enjoying the moment.

“One of the things I love best about this process,” says Abigail, “is the wonder and excitement of taking a tiny seed and seeing it come full cycle to a beautiful cut flower that I lovingly wrap in craft paper and hand to a customer.”

Bloom WNC is located at 806 North Fork Road in Black Mountain and is open on Thursdays during the growing season. For more information, visit or call 828.450.2801.

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