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Decoding Weight Loss with Georgina Quinn

Decoding Weight Loss with Georgina Quinn

Georgina Quinn. Photo by Debra Sommerville

When one thinks about weight loss, dieting is often the first thing that comes to mind. Georgina Quinn is working to disassociate those two concepts with her coaching business, Decoding Weight Loss. “Decoding Weight Loss is not a diet, it’s the complete opposite,” she says. “It’s a lifestyle change that combines cognitive behavior therapy, neuroscience and natural hormone balance for lasting weight loss.”

Quinn is a double-certified Life and Weight Loss Coach through The Life Coaching School and Integrative Wellness Academy, and her coaching style is influenced by her personal experience with weight loss. “I had a good 12-year battle with my weight where nothing worked,” she says. “All the diets I tried were a temporary solution, not a permanent one like what I offer in Decoding Weight Loss. I had to go deep and seek alternative routes until I finally found what works. I bring a complete mind, body and soul approach to my coaching.”

Quinn works with her clients over a 12-week program, providing one-on-one coaching tailored to each person’s specific needs. “I teach my clients to let go of the endless diet mentality that has kept them trapped, hating their bodies and working with a finite source of willpower,” she says, adding that her clients achieve much more than just weight loss over the 12-week program. “The meta-skill that I teach can be applied to all areas of their lives so they leave my program feeling like a brand new version of themselves. I truly believe there is nothing more powerful than human potential.”

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