Odyssey School Launches New Podcast

Odyssey School Launches New Podcast

Carly Penny. Photo by Megan Martell

Odyssey School has launched a new podcast called Best Practices in Education, with weekly episodes that present ideas, resources and tools for parents and teachers. Odyssey’s executive director, Coranna Adams, was inspired to start the podcast after seeing how professional development experiences at the school impacted Odyssey’s educators. “Our teachers walk away excited and reinvigorated after learning what their peers are noodling on,” says Adams. “Education needs more of this—swapping ideas and excitement about learning.”

Topics explored in the podcast include spirituality in education, bias in the math classroom, magical realism in early childhood and indigenous wisdom in the classroom. An early episode also explored the Integral Model, the core learning philosophy that guides the Odyssey School community. Adams feels that there is great value in passing this knowledge on to a broader audience, especially in the format of a podcast. “The informal, conversational style of the podcasts offers a chance to explore a topic gradually and with nuance,” says Adams. “This form can be used to educate and inspire listeners in short bite-size chunks, and of course, the beauty of a podcast is that you can listen while you are doing dishes or mowing the lawn.”

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