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Virtual Production by Franklin School Drama Club

Chris Martin, teacher. Photo by Jennifer Lipsey Edwards

The Franklin School of Innovation (FSI) Drama Club will put on a virtual performance of 10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine, a production written for Zoom by Don Zolidis with Playscripts, Inc. “I needed a show that could be directed for Zoom virtually,” says Chris Martin, theatre arts teacher at FSI and director of the play. “This play creates opportunities for character development for all actors, as the scenes are in the form of monologues. Each student has a moment to shine in their own way.” Each student will also partner with the student set crew to create their own sets, scenery, props and costumes. “The set crew designs the show for technical elements, including lighting and sound cues,” says Martin. “They then collaborate with the actors in bringing their design plans to life.”

To overcome the technological hurdles like lagging, freezing and lost connections, the cast made a movie with each actor sending in a rehearsed recording of their scene. “My partner, Leif Broderson, is going to edit the videos and piece them together for two different versions of the same show,” says Martin. “We will post the link on the school website, Facebook and Instagram the week before Thanksgiving.”

More than 50 drama club members are involved in the production. “This production is really cool because most people thought the drama club would be canceled; we’re going to have a show, but it’s all going to be virtual,” says assistant stage manager Vivien Gough. Furthermore, the lesson imparted by the production is important. “The lesson I take from this play is don’t stress over quarantine,” says Mya Skibo, who plays the characters Josie and Jeff. “Just laugh at things, relax, make musicals with your pets and know that you’re the center of the universe!”

Visit to see the performance or donate to the drama club program.

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