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RiverLink Masterworks Sticker Series Celebrates Species of the French Broad

North American Beaver

RiverLink has initiated a new campaign, the Masterworks Sticker Series, to draw attention to the beautiful array of creatures that live in and along the French Broad River. The campaign will release a new, limited edition sticker every month for the remainder of the year and it will be mailed to the first 20 individuals who donate $25 or more to RiverLink.

The April sticker featured the Belted Kingfisher, followed by the North American Beaver in May and the Green Darner Dragonfly in June. “We strived to select common species that people are likely to encounter on the river,” says Justin Young, outreach and education manager for RiverLink. “Additionally, we aimed for a diversity of species—birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and fish—for people to connect with. Staff favorites also influenced the final selection.”

The stickers were designed digitally, with the initial renderings created on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with some assistance from AI tools. Further details and refinements were added using Procreate. “I understand that AI is a contentious topic in the art world at the moment,” says Young. “However, as a small nonprofit, the time saved by these tools is what enabled us to undertake this campaign in the first place.”

The back of the stickers feature an interesting fact about each animal. After Thanksgiving, the complete set of eight stickers will be available to purchase right in time for holiday gifting.

“All of these species play vital roles in the ecosystem,” says Young. “RiverLinks’ efforts to protect the watershed are as much for them as they are for our human communities.”

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