A Perfect Fall Fishing Trip

A Perfect Fall Fishing Trip

Photo by Winged Reel

By Kyle Vaughan

Fly fishing is one of my favorite pastimes to share with friends and family. Three of my closest friends and I set aside a weekend every October to meet up and enjoy the hobby that brought us all together in Atlanta: fly fishing. This past year has been a hectic one for all of us due to weddings, newborns, relocating to a new state and new career paths.

In the past, we have camped and fished for wild trout in North Georgia or WNC. This year, I invited them to stay at my home in Asheville and fish in the sections of the Mills River that I manage for DB bar D Outfitters. The weekend we chose turned out to be the perfect epitome of fall weather, with some long-awaited rain to boot. The rain helped with water levels in the river and also added a little stain to the previously crystal-clear water. While clear water might sound like a dreamy outdoor element, it makes fooling the fish much more challenging.

We arrived on the farm early on Saturday so my friends could tour the property and explore the stretches of water where DB bar D Outfitters takes its customers for fly fishing trips. After the tour, we rigged up rods to hit the water. We had dry-dropper, indicator, euro and streamer rigs going with great success that day. The trout were taking all kinds of flies and chasing streamers, which made for a fun day out on the water. We filled up our nets with 18-inch rainbows and browns, as well as a few brookies. The next day was even better than the first, with clear skies and rising trout to cast to a few hours in the afternoon.

I always enjoy these fly fishing trips with my friends, but it was especially fun to show them the private trout waters of DB bar D Outfitters. I found myself slipping into my “guide” persona on more than one occasion, giving my friends tips about the small nuances of this stretch of river. The trip was such a success, we’ve planned another excursion at DB bar D Outfitters for the new year that will include our families.

If you are visiting WNC and would like to entertain yourself or a group on the water or in the field, please contact DB bar D Outfitters and we will accommodate you in the best way possible. DB bar D Outfitters strives to give our clients the same personal experience that we give our friends and family while on our property, whether it is a guided fly fishing trip or a hunting excursion.

Kyle Vaughan is the Outfitter Manager and guide for DB bar D Outfitters, located at 3333 N Mills River Road, Suite B, in Mills River. For more information, visit or call 828.767.9568.

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