W. Ken Stamps

W. Ken Stamps, owner/partner of Navitat, was an architect for 27 years when he made a career change in 2008. The origins of ziplining intrigued him. Scientists first created ziplining to efficiently move between trees in the rainforests of Central America. Soon afterwards, ziplining evolved into a tourism activity. A lover of the outdoors, Stamps saw a business opportunity that spoke to all of his passions.

“We looked at 350 properties in WNC, before finding just the right location at Moody Cove,” says Stamps. A densely forested 242-acre mountain cove, its history can be traced back before the Civil War and many of its magnificent trees are more than 100 years old.

“Ziplining at Navitat is so much more than the thrill alone,” says Stamps. “When you are 350 feet above the ground, on lines up to 3,600 feet long, there is no better way to see autumn. At Navitat, you will experience North Carolina’s environment, history, culture and these amazing organisms called trees,” and, he adds, “maybe learn a lot about yourself too.”

Navitat is located at 242 Poverty Branch Road in Barnardsville. For more information, visit or see Facebook and Instagram.

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