Blue Dharma Combines Mysticism and Fine Art

Mystic Rock. Bill Bowers, artist

Mystic Rock. Bill Bowers, artist

Blue Dharma presents The Mystic Stone of Asheville: A Surreal Exhibit of the Blue Ridge, on permanent display beginning Friday, November 1. The exhibit is a series of paintings and totems by artist and mystic Bill Bowers.

“My goal is for something that started as a personal idea to become a surreal visual that everyone can dream on,” says Bowers. “The paintings encourage the viewer to consider and accept the archetype of a mystic stone as an allegory, thus becoming the artist and the storyteller.”

The piece from which Bowers began the series, a 30-inch square acrylic on canvas, differs from his past work in several ways, including the use of WNC mountains and river rock as subject matter and the incorporation of a short story as part of its creation. This is also the first time Bowers has combined his metaphysical work with his fine art.

“In the past I have kept the two separate,” he says. “I’m enjoying the birth of something new by using mixed media and found objects as part of the mysticism of the exhibit.”

The public can view The Mystic Stone during the gallery’s regular business hours or during the Grove Arcade First Friday Art Walk on November 1 from 5–8 p.m. Bowers will expand the exhibit over time, making it a series that evolves through the four WNC seasons and includes additional totems, drawings, small paintings and prints.

Blue Dharma Fine Art is located at 1 Page Avenue, Suite 137, in Asheville. To learn more, call 941.301.1409 or visit

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